Matthew 2

Aha, now I get what this book's about, it's a fantasy. I wasn't sure till now, but this part tells about some guys coming to visit the baby Jesus, and --get this--a fucking star appeared, moved across the sky and led them to where he was.  Ooooooo-kay, let's get popcorn; expect the Dark Riders to turn up any minute ...

... nope, no Ringwraiths, but the king does kill all the little kids. See, there's a legend that starbaby will grow up and take over, so it's a little security precaution. The story seems to be set somewhere without PR departments.
But they get away, because Joseph keeps having these dreams where he knows what's gonna happen ahead of time.  The dream bit is overworked, but anyway, they go on the lam, keep one step ahead of the king's goons, and finally end up in Nazareth.

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