For over a year now I've been reading the Quran and posting my thoughts as I went along, for 300 posts. Gawd, I am so done with that.

I've decided Imma keep on blogging, as Uzza. To keep things separate from the Koran stuff, I'll rearrange things, and you can see up top how I changed the name of the blog.

It's a whole new blog! Yay. Should be more entertaining than the Quran was.


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Joé McKen said...

Oh, I do want you posting again. (Said I sounding unintentionally possessive.) Maybe change to Uzza’s Notes About Whatever and Stuff?

Also, being a Frenchie myself (NOT from France …), I can authoritatively say that it should be “Grands Tetons”, as “Tetons” is plural. (Also, technically, I believe that ought to be “Tétons”, but I’ve beat that horse enough already.)

Oh, and “Tits and Kits” is both fucking adorable and ought to be the name of a woman’s rock band somewhere. (Better than Lesbians on Crack, anyway … and yeah, that’s an actual group, though I can’t find any references …)

Finally, regarding your choice of imagery for the “biggest boobs in the world”, I disagree with the title. The only body part they ought to be referenced by is either the anus or male genitals. (Hell, one of them already has it as his forename.)