Mo' Cartoons

On a cartoon binge here so I thought I'd post the bestest ones. This one is my all time favorite
because it doesn't just pick on one religion, it gets all three. Equal mockortunity.

It's from here, with a nice discussion of the latest attempt to kill a cartoonist, Lars Vilks this time.  In keeping with the theme of EDM Day, here are his cartoons.  [Attn terrorists: You'll have to come kill me now.  Put it in your Blackberry]

Really, I wouldn't kill the guy for it, but that is some seriously shitty artwork.

Here's some better. I like this one, does it depict Mohammed or not?

It's one submission to the Everyone Draw Mohammed Blog, which by now has enough cartoons on it to keep fanatics busy for eternity. Here he lists facebook pages with cartoons, although they keep getting taken down. His intro explains why we do this--free speech, yo. Death threats = FAIL.  

This site mentions, and shows, the 'three worst cartoons' of the Danish batch that started all this, which I might add, WERE MADE BY IMAMS. Where's the Fat Wa on those bastards, I'd like to know. I'd copy them but they are really crappy and not even actual cartoons, these losers can't even photoshop.  When that fanatic virus gets your brain, the first thing it eats is your sense of humor. True fact.

This one is good, and truthful
Jesus and Mo made one that is really terrible---so naturally I laughed my ass off over this one:

Speaking of bad taste, I wish I'd had this earlier, it fits right in with my Koran blogging. Having read the whole thing, I pretty much agree.

On that note ....

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