I'm a Racist Prick

Also, I reek. Because I complimented Helen Keller and didn't say anything about Juneteenth, see. Andrea told me so, also, I'm using my White privilege. I need to find out how to see the little cooties your race and gender leave in a blog post, because all I see is little pixels.

She's right, though, I "appropriated the date". No one else can ever use June 19th again. I have it, and if you want to ever see it again, leave small bills at the pickup site. Come alone.
She also reads minds and knows what I google, but her E.S.P. is wack because I did google June 19, I just evilly decided to not mention it, because Bwahahahahaha I hate Juneteenth (1865): just like I hate Garfield (1978), Hindus (1966), Fathers (1920), Mexico (1867), Baseball (1846), and Norwegians (1179).

She calls this mass ignorance, and it seems to be, going by all the commenters who say they'd never heard of Juneteenth. I had heard of it, like I've heard of clocks and calendars, but for me it's not unusual  to run to the store and find out it's closed for some stupid holiday, like Christmas or Easter.
Only way I knew about Helen Keller day was I saw it on a blog that same day, y'know June19th, but not on Renee's blog because she didn't post anything about Juneteenth either. Unless you count the two paragraphs she stuck into her everybody's-a-racist post. The next day she made another bitchypost, and Indigo Jo smacked her down, and ohforchristssakes this is just like Bill 'whiny little bitch' Donohue.

We've got crazy muslims who go off over every little thing, like naming your teddy bear or drawing a cartoon, but at least you have DO something. Here are people going off because you DON'T do something.
Bill Whinybitch, in case you didn't know, is threatening people for NOT decorating their place to honor some old catholic bastard. Even harder to believe is that people have his back!! Fox “news” just can't figure out why WhinyBill's pantyknot isn't a reason to strumpet up the Empire State Bldg.
Clues = The owners don't fucken want to. Just like I don't want to decorate my house with people dying on torture sticks, like you and your Catholic League do, Billy you sick fuck, and that doesn't make me a catholic hater. Other things do that.

Renee doesn't sink to BitchyBill's level and start threatening people, but she protested. She "decided to list every single blog that is participating in this blatant act of racism”, but she left me out! Waah, it's a blatant act of racism bloggism something. How dare she make a list of disgusting bigots and not include me? My feelings are all hurt and shit, but I'm not demanding an apology, people have the right to say whatever they want. You call me a racist, I call you a prick: You tell me what to do, I tell you to fuck yourself. That's how it works.

PS If anybody came on saying “Yeah having HK day is awesome, and what's even more awesome is that it's also Juneteenth which is a really big deal and ups the awesomeness”, we could have both at once. Everybody wins. Yay! (But the Catholic League would still suck dog turds.)

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Andrea Todd said...

Way to go. You sure showed Rene and everybody else who complained. Nice going linking directly to her post so that your cronies can harass her, too.

How about you just grow up and do a real apology, instead of just whining about being called out? Why not just accept that you participated in something that hurt feelings (and rightfully so), say you're sorry, and let it go, instead of crying and stamping your foot?

But people like you never grow up, do they? You just whine and whine and blithely do things that hurt people and then act like anyone complaining is "acting like the galaxy revolves around them". Because nothing is ever your fault, is it? You're disgusting.