Inspired by Jesus

Here at Uzzanotes we don't have anything against muslims in particular, we laugh at all religions equally. We're equal mockortunity employers. Why should christains get a pass? They inspire us too


with links to the verses: killing, lying, rustling.

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Wilson said...

Excellent! Here are a couple more that you might want to use:


"I believe in forcing people to become Christians

So did Jesus."

Luke 14:23
Note: This verse was used by the church for hundreds of years as justification to "compel" (i.e. force) people to become Christians.

"I show disrespect to my mother

So did Jesus."

Matthew 12:48
Note: This is a clear violation of the commandment to "honor thy father and thy mother." This proves, based on a Biblical standard, that Jesus was not sinless and perfect, thus making him unworthy of being a "full, perfect and sufficient sacrifice" for the sins of mankind.