Exalted Beings

Meet the Green Sea Slug
This guy has taken 'green' to a whole new level. She doesn't just like plants, she is  a plant.  Partly anyhow, he's part animal and part plant. She eats algae and incorporates their chloroplasts into herself so they keep right on photosynthesizing.  After he's done that, "the slug does not have to eat again for the rest of its life. All it has to do is sunbathe." How cool is that?

She's part plant, part animal so of course, the really big question to ask is, since Noah only took animals, was this guy on the Ark or not? Non-functioning minds want to know.

You could ask this guy, he could have been there in person. She's the Immortal Jellyfish. She starts out life as a polyp, and grows into an adult but then can change back into a polyp and do it all over again. It's called transdifferentiation, and he's the only animal we know of that can do it. Pretty handy, eh?

 Why do people need moldy old scriptures when there are things like these around?

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