Already Drew Mohammed Day

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day: Death threats! Fatwas! South Park censored! Facebook shut down! International incidents! War!

Jeez, this should have come while I was still blogging the Koran. I got stoned and I missed it, but it's right up my alley, so here's my depiction of the prophet.

Original artwork by Rashid al-Din, Persia, 1307.

Nice and respectful, betcha dint expect that, huh? This shouldn't offend anybody but fanatics, and fuck them. The picture was drawn by a muslim, so they can't gripe about it: Art, baby.

Us ignorant infidels mostly don't realize that not all muslims are against drawing old Mo, mainly just the radical Sunnis. Think Southern Baptists in Alabama. The Shiites don't care so much, and there's lots of old Persian prophet pics like this one. All I added was the Shahada that all muslims have to believe in, so they can't gripe about that either. They'd have to go all jihad just over it being a depiction, and this got me to thinking.

The reason they object is because they are mindless fuckheads pictures could lead to idolatry. Slippery slope and all: I can see it, Catholics are always being accused of worshipping Mary, with their statues and medals and shit, so sure, some idiot might put my little picture up his mantle, bow down to it, sacrifice a baby … better not take the chance.

OTOH, some of those submissions (pun) are really, really insulting; they even offend me! I don't think those kind could possibly lead to worshiping the dude. So really, they should be fine with really offensive cartoons, and save their death threats for ones like mine. 

You just can't win with these guys.

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