Should Exeter Union High School Obey the Law?

So the high school planned to have an official prayer at their graduation ceremony, a student challenged it, the ACLU sent them notice it was unconstitutional, and sued them, and the U.S. District Judge issued an  injunction against it.  Pretty clear cut, it's illegal. So what did the school do? They voted on it.  

Or in other words, Should Exeter Union High School Obey The Law?    Answer: "NO."

Why not? "My God doesn't answer to the 9th District Court of Appeals. My God doesn't answer to the Supreme Court," said parent Walter Weaver.
 Well Wally, it's not your stupid god's ass that the Courts'll toss in jail, remember that. 

Their excuse? It's tradition. Hell, you can't argue with preserving those old traditions, like the one where we fed christians to the lions, and then we had a moment of silence.

Fuck you Exeter Union High School, and don't let me hear your raggedy unAmerican ass bitching about those scary Muslims and their Sharia law, either.  

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