If you haven't seen this video yet, you should watch it. The good part starts at 1:55.

I've been around the ocean a little, and when I see pictures of "oil booms" my only thought is
"Well, that's fucking pathetic. It couldn't be more obvious some jackoff suit put that there to make it look like he did something while he steals all the disaster money. Boom my ass, you might as well dangle your dick in the water."

Come to find out, I was wrong. Booms can work, if they're used right.

... cue big naive fantasy of efficient well-trained emergency responders who know how to man these things, who leap into action like the (patriotic music here) Heroic Firefighters of 9/11, to stave off fucking Ragnarok ...

Shee-it. I've been seeing lots of pics of the Gulf, but I haven't seen a single one that looks remotely like this:

Have you?

Yeah, we're all gonna fucking die. 

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