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The other day a wildlife specialist was saying that there is no use trying to rescue oiled birds, that they all die anyway so it's better to just euthanize them all.  Well, it turns out that things aren't that hopeless.

This really good article gives the details, why she said what she did, and why we should not give up. We really can help.  Here are some ways.
Stephen Colbert is heading up The Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund that you can donate to. They distribute these funds in the form of grants to nonprofits that work directly to help the people and wildlife affected by this oil spill.

International Bird Rescue Research Center: how to help: they are not coordinating volunteer efforts, but you can donate money to their paypal account to support their efforts.
Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research -- a partner to IBRRC in this effort -- where you can volunteer, donate money and "adopt a bird"!
USFWS Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response has information, phone numbers to call to report oiled wildlife, and includes links to websites for coordinating volunteer efforts for the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama.
Audubon Society lists a variety of ways you can help (volunteering, donating, etc.) and also provides phone numbers to call if you see oiled wildlife.
Deepwater Horizon Volunteer Information website containing contact information and links, much of which already appears elsewhere.

Suncoast Bird Sanctuary in Indian Shores, Florida is the largest wild bird hospital in the U.S., and has experience with oil spills. They are asking for volunteers. You can donate needed supplies/money or volunteer by visiting their website, calling them @ 727-392-4291, or emailing jessicag@seabirdsantuary.com.

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Deepwater Horizon Day 14: $?, a very interesting blog essay about the value of saving oiled wildlife
( all this above is from the article)


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