A Salute

Meet Sgt. Mark Fry.

This guy is a real hero in my book.

Here's the story.
Major asshole hits a deer, and then just drives off and leaves her hurt and dying by the side of the road. Of course, because that's what assholes do.

Along come cops who are not assholes, and they put the doe out of her misery. Then they notice her stomach is moving. Oh, noes! What can we do? What Officer Brian Boerst did was; take a knife, do a C-section, and deliver two fawns! How cool is that? Pretty damn, that's how.

The story gets better. One baby deer was still alive, but wasn't looking so good, so get this: Sgt Fry used CPR on it, and mouth to mouth resuscitation, and revived it!
YAY!! Hero Cops FTW. Collect massive Hero Points!

He tried to get someone to take the baby, but Ohio has laws against being decent, so nobody would and the story gets crappy but I don't wanna talk about that part. I just wanna focus on this Sgt. Fry and his wife Darla and their awesome awesomeness.

They took the little orphan baby home and nursed it with goat milk. Named it Norman. When The Man came to take Norman away they ran them off (remember Sgt. Fry is a cop himself, so this raises the factor of his awesomeness) and spirited Norman away to a secret hideout. Underground railroad, YAY!Go, Norman!

Norman finally busted out and ran off to join Bambi and the other deer, hopefully for a happy ending. The heroes aren't sorry and say they'd do it again.
Ya see? It's too early to give up on the human race jsut yet. As long as there people  like Brian Boerst and the Frys are around, there's still hope.

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