Chapter 110: Divine Support

The last surah. Three lines, says some vague thing about how Mohammedans will conquer the world some day, and I'm done with this piece of crap.


JoƩ McKen said...

Oh dearz! Now that your prophesized purpose in life of committing unholy travesty upon the Koran/Quran/howeverthefuckyouspellit has been completed, you’re not just gonna disappear into thin air, are you? Surely you have a retirement home set up someplace nice and warm and filled with other religious texts to desecrate?

Ritchie Annand said...


I started out reading KafirGirl's blog, but she stopped. I'm glad you had the persistence to go all the way through.

It wasn't all that long ago that I didn't really have a clue about the Qur'an. I must say that I am surprised about how derivative a work it seems to be, with half-remembered tales from Judaism and Christianity with a huge helping of political and personal expedience and some wavering but mostly profoundly negative views on women and those of other religions.

I was profoundly shocked by the amount of "infidels can't help it because God made them and keeps them infidels... but it's their fault anyhow... and feel free to be nasty to them, lie to them or kill them".

In some ways, I can't see how a moderate could know their Qur'an and say "there is no compulsion in religion" with a straight face.

As with so many religious tracts, including the 'Western' ones, the more seriously and at face value it is taken, the worse the result.

I've been enjoying Steve's "God's killings" over on Dwindling in Unbelief. A Brick Qur'an would be a marvelous thing, but who would ever put themselves in that much danger?

Black Flag said...

You can blame Joe for this intrusion.

Yeah, you can start with the Kama Sutra - its religious too! ;)

Seems I tripped into your blog at the end of a journey - darn!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Uzza. And please accept my heartfelt thanks for sparing me the misery and torture of having to read that ridiculous piece o' crap myself.

Kics said...

Oh no, there must be more!!

Can you start on the tafsir / hadith next perhaps?

Lorena said...

So what's your next project? Shakespeare? The tragedies would be interesting for you, since there is almost as much blood shed as in the Koran. And you would have something good to say.

I think you and I have personalities very similar to Hamlet's.