As all intelligent life knows, Pat Robertson is certifiably insane. (I had to word it that way to rule out the million plus people sentient beings living organisms that think he should be our President). One of his more famous evil ravings was that Haiti deserved their earthquake because of a pact with the devil. Well it turns out it's not just insane Bible-thumpers that pull this crap.

Last week a Quran-thumper piled aboard the serves-you-fuckers-right train. Here, half-baked from the galley of Dung Turk Nuh Gönültaş comes this chef d'œuvre of ignorance, served on a bed of insensitivity, garnished with intolerance and a touch of racism.
"The Quran tells us that if collective sins are not met with collective repentance, that some disasters will occur in that region,"
He's right about that, it's full of warnings how some group got on allah's bad side so he opened a can of nuclear war or birds crapping or something on them. That hors d'oeuvre of injustice is just his appetizer, a mere canape to whet the palate for the coming entree of insanity.
"The fundamental reality of [Haiti] is that the majority of its people are engaged in witchcraft [Haiti is 85% Christians]." Indeed, "Voodoo is Haiti's national religion [it's a secular republic with no national religion]. The majority of blacks living in Haiti [a country that is 99% black. but why not be racist] perform satanist rituals [Voodoo: satanist, no, offshoot of Catholicism, yes.], do human sacrifice [!!! the majority does this, that explains the overpopulation], and make their living from magic” [O great Genie, bring me poverty and disease, I command you].
There ya go. Two loonies, from different countries, cultures, ethnic groups, and so on. What do they have in common, besides being heartless SOB's? You guessed it—both followers of the Religion of Abram (also known as abraHAm, ever since god stuck an extra ha in his name. Stands for Hateful Asshole. I've mentioned I don't really care for him.)  It's that Good Old Time Religion, bringing morals love and kindness uhh, ethical standards   mmm.  It's that old time religion.

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