Quran Helps the World

The koran is in the news again.

A saudi multibillionaire, following the numerous Quranic injunctions to give alms to the poor, donates millions to his fellow muslims suffering in Gaza.

HA HA, just kidding. As always, it's for something hideous. This time the "noble" book is being used to stop Algeria's efforts to drag their country kicking and screaming out of the dark ages. A mad muslim mullah who belongs in prison is bitching because, not only can he not kill people, he might not be able to beat the shit out of them and rape them. The head of the Human Rights Council is trying to put the kibosh on all his fun:

"Hés done it before with the death penalty, and now with beatings," says the sicko, "God has already pointed out precisely the way that a husband must behave towards his wife" in verses 4:34-5, which tells men to beat women should they commit "nushooz", a term signifying a refusal of sexual intercourse.

 Well, if this book is the word of god, he's right.  That's what it says.

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