Pave the Whales

Last week some wild eyed christian (y'know those guys who say the muslims are barbaric) wants a theocratic hellhole complete with stonings: start with Orcas, work up to people, all based on their Holy Noble Bibloran. Well, this ain't over. WorldNutDaily scraped up some sewer scum and had it write an article saying the same thing. Ed Brayton is on it.

The author says he's an ignorant ass but he read something once:

"This isn't without precedent. I remember reading about a mountain lion that had killed a jogger"
NO shit? One time, once, you heard about a standard policy of wildlife management that's been in place since the Pliocene? Gee, maybe other animals have killed people too at some time in history. Y'think?
Where do you suppose people get that idea, to kill animals that kill them? Common sense wouldn't tell you. Self-preservation wouldn't tell you. You get it from the Bible, where else?

"God has explicit commandments on how to deal with animals that kill humans" If “the bull has had the habit of goring and the owner has been warned but has not kept it penned up and it kills a man or woman, the bull must be stoned and the owner also must be put to death".
Emphasizing that last part was his idea, not mine. The fact that it's a killer whale, not a bull, and it's in an aquarium, not “not penned up” doesn't matter, he's got wood over killing the owner.

He rewrites history so that all our founding documents came from the bible; he copypastes a list of christian theology from a pro-animal article--where it's an example of outdated thinking; and the fact that the victim's family supports SeaWorld--this just shows how bad things are, y'see.

It's all the fault of “Darwinism” natch, and he brings in Marxism, bla bla, even calls it a "a serial-murderer killer whale”.ROFL! I believe that should be “alleged serial murderer”, untill after the trial. Here's the money quote:

"No law or opinion should be able to rise above God's Holy Word; otherwise, we have sown the seeds of society's own destruction. "
Don't obey the law. Got it?

The only difference between these people and the Taliban is that these ones aren't in charge anymore. (and a different edition of god's Holy Word)

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