Meet Lucky

This is Lucky

...and this is his story:

A State Trooper got a call about “debris” in the road. When he went there, the “debris” turned out to be this little guy, lost and wandering around in the middle of a major intersection.

Trooper Hutchinson was able to stop and position his patrol vehicle in the intersection to shelter the kitten from oncoming traffic, ultimately snatching the feline back into the safety of his patrol car.
Motorists enjoyed what they saw, giving Trooper Hutchinson many “thumbs up” and quick applause as the traffic resumed its flow.

They couldn't find him a good home so the cop adopted Lucky himself.  This is a neat story but it's not exactly unusual. Democratic Underground covered it, and the comments thread is full of other heartwarmies, like this

The Humane Society told me a state trooper found my first beagle wandering along Interstate 74. I'm glad that cop stopped to save my Spartacus...and this cop stopped to save that kitten.
Yeah, me too.  Makes ya wonder, how many cops have 'too many pets' at home.  In this story cops and firemen rescued a whole family.  Here is a picture of some of the children they saved.

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