Caption Contest

A real one, with prizes and everything,  from Freethinker.
 ... we thought the picture below cries out for an amusing caption.

Best entry wins a year’s subscription to the print edition of the Freethinker plus a hard-back copy of The Atheist’s Bible, “an illustrious collection of irreverent thoughts”. There is a runner-up prize of a year’s subscription to the magazine.

Closing date for entries is July 8, 2010.

That's my own caption up there. It's funny I think, that blue thing looks like a deep sea creature with two long tusks, you can see one little eye up there at the top. For chrissakes, they're taking a photo for I.D., how demented is that? These idiots make it really easy to point and laugh.

When the lights go out though, I'm haunted.  Locked up inside that ridiculous sack is a human being, a person just like me, who I can't believe actually WANTS to be in that situation. What's more, the picture was taken at a voter registration centre in Herat, Afghanistan

That person, the one we're making fun of, has come to assert her choices as an individual, in one of the few ways open to her, braving dangers we have no idea of as we sit laughing behind our keyboards. My own caption robs her of even humanity, and suddenly I feel dirty, like I've just spit in her face.

Sometimes we laugh just to keep from screaming.

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