Soft on Crime

This story is kind of neat. It tells about prisons in Norway, and

 "their country's long-standing penal philosophy: that traditional, repressive prisons do not work, and that treating prisoners humanely boosts their chances of reintegrating into society."

No fences, no bars.  Prisoners grow their own food, cook it, hold barbecues, go to school, go horseback riding, ski.

"People in other countries say that what Norway does is wrong," says Lars, who is serving a 16-year sentence for serious drug offenses. "But why does Norway have the world's lowest murder rate? Maybe we're doing something that really works."

"When you treat people like they're criminals, you'll be right."
---somebody famous


Orwell's Bastard said...

Kind of says something when even Conrad Black takes exception to the Harpokons' crime-and-punishment initiatives ...

uzza said...

Maybe if Harper was as familiar with the insides of prisons as Black is, he'd sing a different tune.