the Pope's Fashion Police







At least, the Vatican says.  Apparently feeling they haven't yet made themselves look stupid enough, they've gone and set up their own Mutaween. That's right, morality police, just like in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, those modest places.
From now on, you show up the Vatican with bare legs or arms they'll sic the Swiss Gaurds on you. You know, these guys.
 People who dress like this are giving fashion advice?

Can this church be any more idiotic?

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Joé McKen said...

Idiotic? Probably. Hypocritical? Definitely. They always seem to double down whenever called out on their wrongdoing.

I recall a report on this story where a 70-year-old lady, who was wearing a sleeveless shirt and was therefore booted from the Vatican for violating their dress code, told the reporter (paraphrased from memory) “With all the bad news about child rape and gay priests coming out all the time, they’re the last ones who have any moral authority on what clothes are immorally revealing”.

Little old lady PWNage.