Christians vs Apes (Matt.20)

Matthew chapter 20

There's a ton of research showing that animals have a sense of fairness. Some of the experiments make monkeys work harder for less rewards than other monkeys, and when they see they're getting stiffed, they go all fuck you and won't cooperate any more. 

Not just monkeys either, dogs, elephants, dolphins, even people (well, some of them) and rats; they all have some inborn sense of justice. Remember that when you read the Bible, especially when you get to the 

Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard  
(Matt 20:1-16).
In this story, a boss pays the same whether you slaved your ass off in the hot sun all day, or just worked for an hour. Basically the same deal as the monkeys, some people got bigger rewards per effort. Does Jesus tell this story to illustrate how you should treat people fairly? Not hardly, all he says is 'the first shall be last', which ungarbled from Prophetese means god'll do whatever, whether you deserve it or not. The koran says that too, about every other page.

Abramists are fine with that. You never hear one interpret this to mean “that boss is an asshole, don't be like him”, the way us atheists with no morals do.
We know from the experiments that monkeys have enough sense to give a big fat 'fuck you' to that boss, and a minute on Google will show that religious fanatics don't.
Do Christians have as much sense as monkeys?

Obviously not.

Empirically proven.

Here's the thing. God made all these creatures and gave them an innate sense of justice. Then he sends his minion down to teach them how to act, and the minion says to ignore their innate god-given sense of right and wrong. To not be the way god made them.

their god didn't know what he was doing when he made us, and needs Jesus to correct his mistake,
their god demands that we go against our instincts, that he gave us, which makes him a prick.

Either way, their god looks like a fuckup. 

It's in the Bible, folks.  

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