Damage Control

According to this the Big People say they've plugged the sucking chest wound they inflicted on Mother Nature and she's no longer bleeding her guts out into the Gulf of Mexico.

This is good news, if we can believe these British Pricks.

 Which we can't.     

What kind of soulless pustule still invests money in this corporation? 


Anonymous said...

Dude, what part of "buy low, sell high" do you not understand? They're an oil company for chrissakes, they aren't going out of business over this thing nor for any other reason. BP's stock can only go up, especially now that they're no longer hemorrhaging their product into the Gulf of Mexico. Late June was the time to buy.

uzza said...

thanks for answering my question: a clueless asshole.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You break me up, Uzza.