Acceptable Or No?

That last post, I'm not so sure about it. I even hesitated to put it up and now that I have I'm not sure I should have.

Yeah it's in bad taste, but that was never a consideration. It's funny I thought, and it makes a good point about the catholics. But.

My objection to it is that it seems at least close to violating Rape Prevention Tip #29:

29. Don't laugh at rape jokes. When you hear one, object to it.

Since I was having a hard time deciding, I figured I'd put it and see if anyone else had opinions.
What do you think? Was it over the line, or was it acceptable?


Michael Mock said...

Okay, I looked at that when you first posted it, and I looked at it again now, and I still don't know. On the one hand, insofar as it makes light of a horrible and traumatic experience, not cool. On the other hand, I think it's mainly aimed at pointing out that the Catholic Church really hasn't done much to clean up their act... in which case, tasteless but acceptable.

Margarita del Norte said...

I say acceptable, because it is not a joke about rape. It is a joke about penises, and that does not automatically equate to rape.

Rapists and the Catholic Church have in common that they attribute way too much power and significance to that little bit of flesh, which is normally all soft and curled up and little, but every now and then stands up begs for attention, like a puppy (aaww...)

Humour is a perfectly good way to undermine the arrogance of anybody who thinks a penis endows its owner with magical powers or a divine right of dominance. Classic example: "Hey, that looks like a penis, only smaller," is a great way to deal with exhibitionists.

uzza said...

Thank you both for telling your impressions, I appreciate it. Tasteless but funny, that's my demographic all right. Seeing it as a penis joke is a different perspective I hadn't thought of.