Glimmers of Hope

Anymore I cry when I read the news, but even in the midst of death and destruction you can find tiny glimmers of hope. Here are a couple, both involving sea turtles.

In this one, a bunch of environmental groups got together and sued BP (yay, them) and the judge ruled in their favor. Now BP won't be able to burn oil without letting rescuers go through it to save turtles and other critters that are caught in it. Before they were just raking it up and setting fires, now they will have to hold off, and allow rescuers in to help the wildlife.  Hooray for Micheal Ellis, the shrimper who reported this, and the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, who acted on it. Heroes, they is it.

Yeah, I know; it took a lawsuit to make them stop setting fire to baby animals, but Stop That!  We are looking at the bright side here, dammit. Here's the other one.

In this one, hero biologists are digging up thousands and thousands of sea turtle eggs, shipping them across the country, to the Atlantic coast. They would have faced certain death if they hatched and had to crawl into what used to be the Gulf of Mexico, but this way they might be able to swim out into the ocean and swim around being turtley for thirty or forty years, before they come back to shore, which is what turtles do.  Good luck, little guys.

And for dessert, a little story of hatchlings who lost their way (with a happy ending, of course). 

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