Let's go shopping

Congress just pledged another
30 Billion dollars
for the 
War On Blowback

which brings me to this article, which you should read if you wanna be inspired, kinda.

In 1961, under President Kennedy, we pledged 24 billion dollars to the space program. What do we have to show for it?

Eight years later we had people walking on the moon; The space program employed 400,000 Americans; and spinoffs brought us:
cell phones
fuel cells
It paid off, bigtime.

In 2001, “we” pledged 50 or 60 Billion dollars to a war. What do we have to show for that?

Eight years later, going on ten now, we've got _________________.  Fill in the blank yourself, if you can think of anything about the US that's gotten better in the past nine years.

To date we've spent over $1,000,000,000,000, (a million million dollars), the cost of 18 space programs. Lets see what that money could buy us.

source school house pic

Hell, there's only 24 million people in that whole country, we'll have spare change. Let's find some things we can get cheap.

source  for the pic of the little kid 

These numbers didn't just come out of thin air, they're the actual costs paid by Greg Mortensen, who has actually built these schools and educated these kids.   If you don't know his story yet, leave, and don't come back till you've read his books. Better yet, donate to his Central Asia Institute, or find some other way to help.

Oh, and if you voted to spend the money on weapons, fuck you.

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