Christians Under Attack

...by whales?  Yep, here's the proof.

This atheist whale, upon seeing the halo on this boat's sail, couldn’t resist a chance to attack an innocent God-fearing Christian, typical behavior for atheists.

Christianity is under attack everywhere today, and those reporting on this important story join in by constant referrals to a southern “Right” whale. Atheists see nothing “wrong” with vandalism and blasphemy when they are directed against Christians. 

More info and pics here. 
(**No people or whales were injured in the making of this event)


Lorena said...

As an angry, militant, flag-waving atheist, I wish I could do that to the Christian doctrines. I wish I could expose Christianity's lies so well that when I'm done, nobody would believe them, and the religion's reputation would be as trashed as the sail boat on the picture.

No people or whales would be harmed on my plot.

uzza said...

Yo, I can get on board with your plot. Mockery and ridicule are potent weapon to use.
Plus they're fun.