Yikes, Another Goddess

No sooner do I write a post about living goddesses I find another one, from Cracked.com of all places. This one didn't start out so happy: poverty stricken villagers in rural India, baby born with two bodies basically, conjoined at the hips and the spines fused together. No chance for a happy ending, but then two amazing things happened.

Thing One: she was named Lakshmi, after the goddess, who just happens to have four arms and legs, plus she was born during the Diwali festival, when Lakshmi comes around to bless people's homes.
As a result, the girl wound up being revered throughout India as the living incarnation of the beloved goddess.

Thing Two: a rich doctor came to her rescue and separated her “parasitic twin”--in an operation that lasted 27 hours!-- and they've been working on her ever since. Apparently it was a Godectomy, 'cuz now she's just a little girl, which seems like a good trade-off. She still has a lot of problems, but now she is the happy little kindergartner in this picture. Yay!
Lakshmi Tatma, ex-goddess

Heart warming, and amazing, details in this Daily Mail article from last year, The-little-girl-worshipped-as-a-deity-starts-school . You gotta ask,
What would Jesus do? Ignore her, that's what, and let her die a miserable death. If I was going to pick anybody to worship out of all this it'd be the surgeons who are helping her.

Checking this out I found this video of conjoined twins who both survived and just got their driver's license(s?). That gives me hope for little Lakshmi, and for Abby & Brittney, and oh hell, maybe the whole human race. Now I'm all puddled up.

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