Goddesses, really.

Atheists don't believe there's a god. Some people go further and insist that no gods of any kind exist. Well, they're wrong. No gods, maybe, but goddesses do actually exist. Here's one right here.

"Not only does Nepal have many gods, ... it also has a real living goddess.
The Kumari Devi is a young girl who lives in the building known as the Kumari Ghar, right beside Kathmandu's Durbar Square.
From time immemorial the practice of worshipping an ordinary pre-pubescent girl as a source of supreme power has been an integral part of both Hinduism and Buddhism, a tradition which continues even to this day virtually in every household. They call this girl Kumari Devi and worship her on all the religious occasions." 
As usual with this god stuff, there's a downside. Wikipedia has more, and there's even a movie.

Whatever you think about these godesses, you can hardly say they don't exist. They might not be your or my idea of gods, but we're not the only culture in the world. You can say none of the things our culture calls gods exist, but it's not up to us to tell the Nepalis what their idea of gods should be. 'Strong' atheism claims

there are no gods of any kind I am ethnocentric and ignorant.

There, fixed.

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