Oh, Mock me, yes, yes!

Attention whore Terry Jones of Florida, who last year found being an international bad joke so priapic, is now throbbing to put the Quran on trial. Seriously. I couldn't make this shit up.

You remember this splooge--the guy who admits he didn't know any moslems but wanted to burn the koran because he learned about Islam on YouTube, and isn't normal.  
Get your popcorn, on March 20, thirty mentally unstable followers of his will try the Mohammedan book for "murder, rape, deception, and being responsible for terrorist activities all over the world" and if it's found guilty, they'll drown it. No, I am NOT making this up.

I'm willing to testify that my koran's only lies on the shelf, but I'll keep an open mind about little books with little feet running amok and attacking people little scimitars out of margarita glasses, or little umbrellas, or whatever.  About two-bit preachers waving little dicks to get attention though, not so much.

Assuming I could ingest enough crystal meth that this trial seems like a good idea, I would demand the Bible as a co-defendent.  Hell, make it a contest. Give the Koran immunity for one atrocity every time the Bible says the something equivalent. Drop charges against the Bible for every crime the Koran duplicates.  Give the ...

 ... naw, it's just too stupid.

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