A platypus created the universe

Logic-impaired bozo Kenneth Clifton, in the Amazon reviews of Stephen Hawking's book the Grand Design, thinks he has something to say. He doesn't, but it didn't stop him from writing this:

The London Telegraph has a story out, today, where Hawking says that he doesn't believe in a personal God, saying instead that the laws of nature created the universe. He said that if you wanted to call those laws of nature God, that was fine by him. (teal is my color)
Leaf tailed Gecko. Similar to Ken Clifton.

Now, there should be no objection to calling the evolutionist beliefs a religion *note: Use the definite article, "the", for things that have been previously mentioned. Not 1948 Packards, "evolutionist beliefs", or tenrecs, none of which have anything to do with the creation of the universe, since Pantheism is the religion that says nature is God . Hawking just there admitted to being of that religion What? Where? Because he doesn't want to burn you at the stake for being a Pantheist, that makes him a pantheist? It's fine by me if platypusses eat worms, does that make me a platypus? So, why should the state pay what? to educate our children What? with HIS religious faith WHAT?, instead of that of other religions THE FUCK??? This train of thought has jumped the rails, driven across a field, launched itself into orbit and left the galaxy: Hawkins' not wanting to persecute pantheists = state funded shitfuckwhatthepiss. What happened to separation of church and state? What happened to logic? Reason? Intelligent life? Separation of batshit and insanity?
Tenrec. Did not create the universe.
One more note. If Hawking or Hitchens or others are experts on religion without taking a single course of study and having no experience, then, I am an expert of science. And I am an expert on being a platypus. In fact, I am a platypus. Because Saturn has moons.
Kenneth Clifton - Author of (some books that aren't worth knowing about) Dude, if this review was a plug for your books, you'd do better writing on bathroom walls. With poop.

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