Let's Safe the World

Grammatically challenged delusionists in the North part of America's Drainpipe have 999,999 billboards to go before reaching their stated goal. Head Fuckwit G. Lucas blathers

"I hope to put up a million billboards, in every town, we want to put up a billboard in every town in the United States of America,"

You have to admire their diligence in counting every town so we know the United States has exactly a million. Also their optimism, since at an average thousand bucks per useless message, this three-bit Carolina peckerwood church needs to scrounge up a billion dollars. 

What better use for a billion dollars than to make sure all the homeless starving people, as they gasp out their last breath, will be able to rest their eyes on a misspelled sign?

Grammar is a threat to us all.

Don't go to his website, I'll summarize:
Pre-born babies wrote the Declaration of Independence using God's Holy Words, Harvard hates him, and Obama leads an army of left wing radicals to be mean to the Israeli ambassadors.
(all logic provided by Fox News)

What's that John 3:16, you ask? It's that old chestnut about “God so loved the world, he put up a billboard” or something like that. Religion is Man-made takes the piss out of it rather well.

Pagan old me, I haven't noticed America sinking into the ocean yet, I think we ought to save Tuvalu first.

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