A nice poster

...from the Northern Ireland police. The  campaign  is not full of win [blue posters for boys and pink for girls?  SRSLY?], it has the usual advice for the stoopid wimmen, but I don't wanna throw rocks at it, because then it has this:


And for guys...

Don't forget, if you didn't get consent before sex - that makes you a rapist. Tough word isn't it. Try explaining that one to your family and friends. But that's what rape means - 'sex without consent'.

Consent has to be explicit. It's not enough to think ' they haven't said no so I'll carry on anyway'. If the person you're with is incapable of making that decision because they are drunk or drugged, then it still makes you a rapist. Never thought it like that before. Be SMART - start thinking like that now and pass the message on.

Sex without consent is rape
Make sure you ask and get a clear response
Alcohol or drugs will affect your judgement
Rape convictions last forever
Take NO for an answer


Not bad at all.

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