Deaf People Suck

Isn't that inspiring? Well, the picture is, but take that away and you gotta ask,

What the sideways fuck does it mean?

The next line is no help:

2 He was with God in the beginning.
Who's “he”? Is that the word, or god, or some third freak? Was god the word, or with the word? What was the word anyway, and who said it? Probably "uh-oh", and probably followed by “now you've done it”.

The beginning of what? Couldn't very well be the Universe when you've already got somebody around mumbling uh-oh.

I tried to look this up. There's two kinds of people: the kind that look at bullshit and say “That doesn't make any sense”, and the kind that look at it and say, “Here, let me elaborate with 74 pages of deeper, smellier, bullshit”. It's just a question of how many acres of farmland you can prep before you walk away.

Whatever, here's the other quote that goes with that one

Aristotle---"Those who are born deaf all become senseless and incapable of reason.”---355 BC

At university I studied sign languages see, (some of my professors were deaf) and I can't count how many times I've seen this by bull verse. It works like this. Y'see, the one thing that elevates Man above the Dumb Brutes is Speech,
“God brought the world into existence by speaking. ... Speech is what makes God a creator, and speech is what makes us human.”
Deaf people mostly don't speak, so they're not really human. So fuck 'em, right, and that hand waving thing they do? Just pictures in the air, nothing to do with Words, nothing to see here.

Well, here's my word for all those Aristotle  dickwads.  See if you can read it.

**Actually, that's an English word. Go here to see it in ASL.

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