on Abortion

Quote of the year. Posted over at Pharyngula, by commenter Ing, universally recognized as a mature and responsible adult.How cool is that name? (edited a little for spelling n stuff)
This sums up my feelings exactly, on the so-called debate over abortion. 

An Alien race comes down from earth. One of them implants in you a germospore. The embryo will grow inside your abdominal cavity, using resources you provide and eventually emerge via climbing out of the oral cavity.
They assure you, with their medical science it's most likely you will survive, however the process takes 9 months upon which your hormones will be disrupted, you will need to ingest more food (at your expense of course) refrain from drugs, coffee or other recreational activities that might effect the alien spore.
You will gain weight and have your physiology changed in ways that may be permanent, changing your appearance, and during the process even ignoring the chance of death via chest burster, the creature will tear up the inside of your esophagus and most likely rip the inner lining of your jaw as it emerges.
This damage will be painful and possibly lead to permanent complications and reduce your ability to sense/taste in your mouth.
The spore is sentient from virtually day one and is aware indirectly of what's going on around it.
Are you required to bring this being to term?

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