Poop Sloths!

Warning!  This is totally fucking disgusting.

That guy right there is a two toed sloth climbing out of a pit toilet.

Think about that for a minute.

This is in NE Peru. They had to put wire mesh around their outhouses to keep these little guys out. It's just something they started doing down there, no one knows why.  I'm with the commenter that hopes this is a natural behavior and not some response to human activity. Tetrapod Zoology has more.

The behaviour was first reported in November 2001 when a slot was discovered hanging from the wooden bars within the latrine. "It was scooping with one hand from the semi-liquid manure composed of faeces, urine and toilet paper and then eating from the hand" (Heymann et al. 2010, p. 1 of preprint).

Not so cuddly now, eh? Before you start hatin' on sloths, remember dogs do it too. Fido acts like I'm bringing out steak when I dump the cat box in the compost. It's fenced off, but who knows where that tongue's been before he comes in and licks your face?    

All that aside, no word on what those claws do if someone gets cheeky and blocks the sloth's exit. But just look at the shit-eating grin on that happy little fella.  Cue Lolsloths, in 3 ... 2 ... 1...



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