New Error discovered in Genesis

This should really embarrass the shit out out of some people, if God junkies could be embarrassed.  An old clay tablet from Babylonia has turned up, that tells the story of Noah's ark, and  it's dated to 1700BC. That makes it older than the Dead Sea Scrolls by about 15 centuries, and who you gonna believe--the original, or some cheap knockoff from 1500 years later? 

Here's the kicker: in this one, the Ark is round!  The Bible got it wrong. 

"Draw out the boat that you will built with a circular design; Let its length and breadth be the same."

LULZ!  Now all these guys'll have to tear up their old models and rebuild. Sucks to be them.

This isn't as silly as it sounds, akshully.  Why put a bow and stern on the thing, it's not like he was going to tow water skiers. It would make more sense to just build a big raft. Plus, they have a tradition of round boats over there, that's one in the picture.   They used them to paddle around.

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