Seed Bombs

Bombings in Buenos Aires! Don't panic though, this time it's all good. It's the Articultores (art-gardeners) a group dedicated to improving the city by turning vacant spots into gardens. Their bombs are little balls of clay with flower or vegetable seeds inside--seed bombs. They lob them over fences or into places that are hard to get to.

This is a great idea.  If we're gonna have bombs, let's have this kind.  Here's how easy it is to make your own.

And Wow; it's not just Argentina, there's a whole movement.  Why did I not know about this? 

Award for Best Comment, on a forum I can't link to (boo hiss), after people worried that the soil in the vacant lots might be contaminated

"Food is grown in contaminated sites all of the time. We call it conventional farming."


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