I Man the Ramparts

Some nice fellers came by today, they wanted to talk about Jehovah. We had a nice chat. At least I did--they didn't appreciate my suggestion that Calvin and Hobbes would be a better moral guide than the Bible. They were entirely nonplussed when I told them the Koran said the same thing in very nearly the same words they were reading to me.

"so now you're trying to convert me to Islam?"
"Uh, well, ummm ..."

You had to be there and see the look on his face. Lulz. Another time, he didn't just give me an opening, he dropped his guard, put his hands in his pockets and stuck out his jaw: you can bet yer ass I jumped all over this line.

"we don't have to think, because we've got the word of god"

Major lulz. I remember at one point stopping him from reading ...

"that's three times now you've ignored how the book is irrelevant to me, and answered with a quote from the book."
It's the same old story, they come all prepared with bible verses like Hallmarks for every occasion, and once you take that away they got nuthin'. Down here in the Bible Buckle, it wouldn't surprise me if I'm the first person these guys have ever run into that didn't believe in the Bible, but back when I lived in Utah I practiced on the Mormons.

They brought a whiffle bat to a gun fight.

Too easy.

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