Act 2

After Mathias gets jumped into the gang in Acts 1, in Acts 2 the holy ghost comes. Joke Time!

An old time preacher had a little gimmick he used in his services. He'd have a little kid hide in the rafters with a white dove. When he got the congregation all worked up good he's lift up his arms and yell out “Come down, Holy Spirit, come down!” That was the kid's cue to let the bird loose, it would fly down and land on the preacher's shoulder, and the crowd would go wild.
One night, he yelled out “Holy Spirit, come down!” but nothing happened. He yelled it again, louder. No bird. “COME DOWN, HOLY SPIRIT!!!” Still no bird. Finally the kid stuck his head out: “Preacher, the cat done ate the Holy Spirit, you want me to send the cat down?”
That joke's been stuck in my head ever since elementary school.

This is hard to beat; See, the Holy Ghost went down on them, with a tongue that was on fire, that caused them to make incoherent noises ...

and they were all “WTF?”

and ppl were “you guys are drunk on your asses, LOL”.

For shits an giggles, look up "speaking in tongues" on YouTube.  Damn, this chapter started some crazy shit!

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