A Love Story

Mr. and Mrs. Skippy were an extraordinary couple. Even though they were never formally married, they did everything together, until illness and death separated Mr Skippy from his long-time companion.

In his bereavement he stopped eating, stopped grooming himself and became incredibly weak because he was mourning so much, to the point where he was taken to the hospital. On the hospital wall was a mural, that coincidentally included an image of his lost love.

“We haven’t really thought about the mural because it was there for several years, but Skippy saw the portrait of Mrs. Skippy on the bottom of the mural and he started talking to her and sat right next to her.”

He began to eat and recover. Arrangements were made to move his bed next to the portrait, and he is now doing well.

Oh, one other thing: Skippy is a black-necked stilt.

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