A Salute!

Cassy Herkelman and Megan Black

The Iowa State individual wrestling tournament goes back to 1926. This year marks the first time not just one but two girls have qualified. Megan, a sophomore at Ottumwa, with a record of (25-13), and Cassy, a freshman, at (20-13).

and a rant

Naturally, them being icky girls, I could only find one article that honors their accomplishments, and a zillion about some sexist quitter who farted on their achievements by making it all about him. See Sexist Quitter takes his Marbles and Goes Home for the details of how he wasn't man enough to compete with a cootie-person so he forfeited his match.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Cassy and Megan and their accomplishments,”

says the quitter. Now before you read any further, let's play “Guess his next Word”. Odds are at 'lebenty-to-one on some variant of “but”.


[BINGO!] then comes the whine and the cheesy. Let's open a big bottle of Fisk.

wrestling is a combat sport and it can get violent at times.”

Oh, ain't we just tuff. What violent? If you mean anything more forceful than baking muffins, sure. Our little toddler loves to play Ring Around The Rosie and throw everybody down on the hardwood floor, the violent little shit, but this's got nothing to do with you walking off your job.

We've never had any allowances for, or problems with women in Judo, or in full-contact Kickboxing. We never thought kickboxing was violent, let alone wrestling. There are rules that protect you, like, don't bite too hard, and when your partner is out cold don't stomp on their face. When you don't have any rules, then it's violence, and if you get violent in my dojo, you're out on your ass, because it's not violence, it's a sport. That women play and are good at.

As a matter of conscience and my faith I do not believe that it is appropriate for a boy to engage a girl in this manner.”

In the manner of a fair competition between two equals on a level playing field you mean. MEOW, it's just HARBL inappropriate when both player's choice to compete is respected and their aspirations to test their skills are honored. You wouldn't outrage propriety by doing what she desperately wants and busted her ass for a chance at. You'd totally ignore all that and force her to do what you want, to satisfy your conscience ego. OK, well, I do not believe it is inappropriate to call you an asshole.

It is unfortunate that I have been placed in a situation not seen in most of the high school sports in Iowa."

Yeah those cuffs really hurt when the SWAT guys use them to drag you in to a tournament …. Wait, what? No SWAT team? Well just who did this unfortunate placing? Was it her, going around acting like a human being, with rights? Or was it you, going out for a sport where you knew you'd be in this situation? Only four states have separate girl's wrestling, and Cornfield USA isn't one of them, but you placed your sorry ass right in the middle of it. It's unfortunate you were such a jerk and now other players have to suffer for it.

The ladies (there are no gentlemen) involved, are showing far more class than Joel Jerkoff, being good sports about it, good role models. Listen to Megan talk about the very guy that's disrespecting them.

"He, at least, is true to his beliefs and you have to respect that.”

No, I don't have to. For one thing I doubt it's even his own idea, given that he's only 16 and the homeschooled son of a preacher man, in the “Believers in Grace Fellowship, an independent Pentecostal church” no less. They're noted for their tolerance and independent thinking, and the moon is made of Swiss chocolate.

His old man sez "We believe in the elevation and respect of woman”, and show that by not letting them do what they want or achieve their goals, he left off. He also squawks that “men and women shouldn't touch in a "familiar way,"” which makes you wonder about his sex life if applying a guillotine is his idea of being familiar.

A lot of commenters are worried about that boys and girls (gasp) touching, here in Saudi Arabia East. They're filled with dread that intimate places might be touched. Lot of worry beads worn out that he might be uncomfortable touching her, not even a little baby worrylet that she might feel uncomfortable about anything.

Been some some speculation he'd get a hardon. Comeon! In the entire history of the world, has a guy ever gotten wood during a match? I've never seen it and I can't imagine it. If you can't keep your mind off sex during a goddam competition fer chrissake, you shouldn't be in one in the first place, you should probably be locked up in a secure environment.

I don't notice anybody asking if gay boys should be allowed to wrestle, or what if a girl gets all wet rubbing all over those guys.

Even if it is his own idea—Fail, Epic! If he had moral qualms about wrestling, I could respect it if he didn't GO OUT FOR WRESTLING.

That's not what he's doing. He knows damn good and well there are girls in his weight class and he'll have to fight them. Three years ago he drew Megan and he wasn't man enough to fight her then, or to quit wrestling as if he had integrity, and he's still pulling the same shit.

Why the coach didn't kick him off the team then I don't know, but he gets away with only fighting the people he wants to fight. If he doesn't like them he gets to disrespect them and the team by refusing to play. Now that's sportsmanship—NOT!

We bow to each other before a match. It thanks your partner for giving you the opportunity to test and better yourself, and a promise to do your best to help them in the same way; it pays forward the debt you owe to every other practice partner who has come before and gotten you to where you are. Not bowing, that'd be like whipping out your dick and pissing on them. Refusing to play them, well, even worse.

All I hear is how Sports are sacred, they build character and teach respect for your opponents. Shit. These two girls should be sitting back and enjoying all kinds of praise for their accomplishments—first two girls to ever make it to State—but instead they have to defend their right to even be here, thanks to this jerk. Cassy can be proud of her record, but now it will always have an asterisk by it thanks to the fuckhead.

Instead of taking him back of the woodshed for 'special' lessons on respect and sportsmanship, people stick up for this clown, say what a great player he is.

They worry about the terrible aftermath. A boy would be mocked if he lost to a girl, and wouldn't get credit if he won, since he only beat a girl. He might even be teased for picking on girls. A Poor Boy should never be put in such horrible position, since sexist bullying is as unchangeable as the tides and can never be challenged. Far better that no girl should ever get a chance to gain all those benefits sports are supposed to provide, than that boys should be asked to grow the fuck up.

In the footnotes, I noticed that Megan lost both her matches. That's not unusual, although specifically pointing out that both her losses were pins is gratuitously unsportsmanlike, but I wonder if things might have been different without sexist attitudes like Joel's. The way you improve is to fight people better than you, and Joel is supposed to be 'the best' wrestler, but he refuses to give them the benefit of his experience. How is that honorable? How can you get better when you're only allowed to fight the lower ranks?

The more I think about this the more fucked up it looks, so I should probly stop quite a while back.

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