Jesus Swept

I knew if I read the Bible I'd learn some good things. Like that expression "Jesus wept": people say it all the time, but I never knew why. I figured it must refer to some big important thing that religious people knew all about, and I was just a clueless dwork.

Well, undwork me! There I was reading John 11:32-43 and there it was--Jesus wept. "OHO" I said to myself "I've heard that he did, I'm about to find out why." I was excited. I was looking forward to it.

Imagine the thrill that shot through me when I found out why this passage is so famous. It was like the thrill you get when there's weather, or an odd number of emails. Ready? It's because it's the shortest verse in the bible.

"That's it?" I said to myself, "that's why people say that?" But why, WHY, did Jesus sweep?

The story
Mary: "My bruthers ded"
Jesus: "Where's the body?"
Jews: "Come see."
Jesus: WAHHH, Waahhh.

Then Jesus yells at Lazarus and Lazarus shambles out of the tomb.

Lazarus, the First Zombie

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