Priest Fathers (Mat. 23:8-11)

8 But you are not to be called 'Rabbi,' for you have only one Master and you are all brothers.
9 And do not call anyone on earth 'father,' for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.
10 Nor are you to be called 'teacher,' for you have one Teacher, the Christ.
11 The greatest among you will be your servant.

Well fuck me four ways, I never knew this was in here. But … but ... Catholic priests! … Father! … All my life I ... WTH? … for answers, I asked Father Mike!
... as to how a Christian could take on such a title in direct violation of Christ's words, "Call no man Father" (Matthew 23, 2-10). Let me explain. Yes, 'Father', please do.
In His life as a servant, Jesus gave us an example of how to be leaders. At the Last Supper, He got down and washed the feet of His apostles. He was opposed to any leader taking on a haughty or superior attitude. Right in line with His actions and His teachings, He told us in Matthew not to call anyone "Father," "Rabbi," or "Teacher."
So nix “Father”. Sounds like “Servant Mike” is what Jesus was going for. I like it.

In martial arts they have the same problem.
The warrior is not the master, he is not the sifu nor the sensei, these are just physical words that we put upon ourselves to make us seem important, or better than those who we guide.”
Word, karate guy, like that other axiom “we're all just students”. There's nothing as ridiculous as some twenty-year-old who starts a dojo and expects everyone to call him Master Soandso. Calling him 'Father' Soandso, now that'd be just creepy.

Father Servant Mike blathers on,

I think one would do an injustice to Christ to think He was opposed to calling the father of five children a fatherWhat? You fathered five children? You rascal  or the leader of a synagogue a "rabbi" or the young woman who is instructing thirty-five first graders a "teacher." Jesus is not opposed to using words to describe what a person is doing.
So why not “priest” Soandso, like in the eastern branch? Or go with “Hypocrite”, “Liar”, “Scam Artist”? Maybe “Kiddie-fiddler”.

Christ is opposed to titles that persons use to "Lord it over" (Luke 22:25) others [i.e. “father” (above, 9)]. If a person uses a title to be exempted from service of others or to feel better than others, the titles should not be used.
The context here is Jesus talking shit about the Pharasees for showing off, and he used their titles as an example. “They love to have men call them 'rabbi'”, he sez, “don't do what they do”, he sez. Servant Mike must be looking at the missing line 9½ that only advanced students learn, where it adds “and when I say don't do it, I mean don't feel better when you do do it”.

As a priest who uses the title "Father" before my name, I must listen closely to Christ's words. So you can ignore them? Am I using the title to consider myself better than others? If so I should not use it. For me, the title "Father" that Jesus said not to use is closely connected to the vow I have taken to live a life of celibacy. ?! I have chosen not to marry a woman and generate children. WTF? That denial for the kingdom of God of what is very natural doesn't eliminate my responsibility to be a father. that explains all the raping. Why they pick on boys, well, the Church is against sex ed. I must use my love and creativity (ewww) to serve the needs of others to whom I am committed through the church. When people call me "Father" like Jesus said not to, they challenge me and remind me to love the people of the kingdom and not shirk my responsibilities of fatherhood like the one where you obey your boss?

Way to change the subject, dick. We're talking about titles, not about your job. You're just saying you don't have to follow your bosses orders because you, because of, because, oh shit I don't even know. What you're giving me here is known in technical terms as an “excuse”. Your boss told you not to do it and you're doing it. Simple as that.

And if you ever find me using the title "Father" to imply I'm better than you or if I am not loving you in service, call me Mike.
Okey-dokey, Mike.
Bottom line, these guys are famous for thinking they don't have to obey the Law; here we see they won't even obey their own rules. They're big on the rest of us obeying them, though, so what to do? Every time you call a priest “Father”, baby Jesus cries, so we need a new title for them. Any suggestions?

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