Most Dangerous Job?

“Everybody knows” that

“... there is no doubt that the most dangerous and demanding jobs are done by men, in most if not virtually every society...”

according to professional crybaby Glenn Sacks anyway, but is this really true?


The Bureau of Labor Statistics “does not consider "housewife" a job, nor is "prostitute", so the death rates and injuries in those occupations aren't recorded in the same place. Prostitution is by far the most dangerous job in America.”
That quote is from Skeptifem, who has a great, eye-opening post on this. It asks questions I bet you've never thought of before. Here's a chart I made of statistics from there.

  • Notice the “cause of death” column? At one time or another I've worked at about half these jobs, but murder was never an occupational hazard in any of them.
  • People keep track of deaths in every other occupation, but let's face it, when a hooker gets killed, nobody cares.
  • To get the fatalities rate, I averaged out the figures mentioned in the post, which ranged from 3.91 to 5.93. That last number is higher than Combat Infantryman, which has been running at around 5.44 in Iraq / Afghanistan.

Keep this chart handy for the next time some jackass starts whining about 'male oppression'.
as skeptifem puts it:
" People justify this devaluing of women in different ways, ...
What can you do to help fix it? Point out all of the information outlined in that post the next time you hear someone giving the verbal equivalent of "Woman should be happy in their inferior social position because at least women don't have to fear being killed on the job!"

Yeah, what she said.

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Marzie said...

And a fatality rate, even if reported, might not capture the death rates from HIV...