Doosh Marks

The guy's obviously mentally ill so I hate to rag on him too much, but there's this complete double-ended douche canoe who infests the comments section of atheist blogs.

He pastes in long multipage manifestos of incoherent word salad garnished with death threats. Some people have tracked him down, found his IEP address, and I guess his name is Dennis Markuze, or something like that. He calls himself DM, which of course stands for “Doosh Mark”. (the alternate spelling avoids confusion with a douche, which can actually be good for something.)

He's as persistent as he is idiotic, and for a while I was jealous of the popular blogs where his dumps (one can't really call them comments) are as regular as zits. I know my blog is just a little obscure thing, but geez, couldn't I even attract one little harrassment?

Finally it happened, he dumped on me, and I felt like I have really arrived as a blogger. I got my first Doosh Mark! Yay!
Now that my readership has soared into the double digits, my score now is up to 3DM. I have a long way to go to catch up with some others, like Personal Failure, whose score must be over a dozen DM, but I'm on my way.
 (update: WHOO,  Four!  He did it again while I was typing.)

If you're an atheist blogger, what's your Doosh score?


Cynical Nymph said...

Mine's at around 15, despite the fact that I am not an atheist blogger. I am an eating disorder blogger writing so my little blog can be a resource for others suffering from eating disorders, which are such isolating experiences. And he has just enough class to really hit up my posts about how uncomfortable it is to go through weight gain. Although this weekend he did dump a "comment" on a photo of my precious kitteh sleeping.

And PF's is more like a dozen squared. I think our DM has a crush.

Uruk said...

I was getting about one a week. I didn't mind at first. But, I posted something that I thought was heart felt and meaningful and his spam post just rubbed me the wrong way.

So, I got tired of it and finally integrated Disqus into my blog. I had to do a bit of tweaking and installing Disqus is not intuitive. Using it is, but not installing it.

But I must say, I haven't gotten another "Doosh Mark", since it tweaked my setup.

Then again, maybe I've simply started to bore him now.