I Don't Know My Ass (Matt 21:23-27)

Matthew 21:23-27

I'm hung up on Matthew 21:23-27. At first it seems too logical and clever to fit in with the garbled up rest of it. Jesus is Master of Debate here, they come asking him “How you get off going around baptizing people?” and he's like “Suck it dudes, I'm doing the same as John the Baptist”. They couldn't get away with dissing John, ok, but why the hell wouldn't they just say “You ain't no John the Baptist, hotshot.”?

What bothers me though is what they did say. “We don't know”! Whaaat? Since when have those words ever passed out of a priest's or a politician's piehole? These guys know how to save your soul, balance the budget, win the war in Iraq, fix the economy, and find the WMDs, just ask them. It can be obvious to people who have yet to master the potty chair that they don't have a clue, but you won't hear them admit it.

Q: Is the well shut off?
A: … these are approximate dates moving forward of what we can expect now that we’ve submitted in the well from the top in regards to moving ahead with the relief well and cementing the well from the bottom.”
(Thad Allen, on when the BP well will be shut off. He actually said that. In a press briefing. With a straight face.)

That's how a bureaucrat says “I don't have any fucking idea”. If this Matthew guy expects me to buy this “gospel” of his, he'd better start keeping it real.

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