I Apologize

First a big THANK YOU to all the people who have left comments here lately. You can't imagine how happy you make me when you do that. (Yes, even ones that just call me an asshole.)

They were all wonderful, and I tried to respond to them all.   Unfortunately Blogger made an improvement to their commenting system, and I have the computer skills of a wombat and accidentally deleted a whole bunch of

So. If you don't see your comment, all you people who contributed here and made me so very happy, don't freak out and think I hate you and don't like what you said.


Marzie said...

Aw Uzza, and here I thought I was being censored and could get all Sarah Palin/Dr. Laura on you. Waaaaaaaah.....

Was that the Spam Filter thing? Ya huh. You should see on Blogger's forum. One guy accidentally erased FIVE YEARS WORTH OF COMMENTS. And you thought you had a misstep? Oy.

So darling, you are still the bomb. Mwah.

P.S. Luh the kitten.

uzza said...

Five years? wow. makes me feel a little less stoopid.
Yeah, that new spam filter. I like it though.

Ketan said...

Ah, what a coincidence!

I'd just few hours back completed updating my blog roll (click) [which is more like what I feel about certain bloggers/blogs, instead of mere enlisting], and where I've mentioned Uzza's blog. Apart from mentioning & describing the nature & scope of the blog, I've also included two blog posts that I'd liked the best. I've been following this blog for more than half a year, and have read many posts, but commented on very few. Those posts had mostly involved satirising Quran verses. Since all those posts were too thematic & in sort of continuity, I didn't include older posts, but fairly recent ones.

So, click on that link & see what big coincidence I'm talking about. :)

None of my comments was lost.

Take care.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
uzza said...

Wow, Ketan, what a great idea to review them like that.

Thanks for making me look good on there, also thanks for following. You've given some valuable input in the past and I hope to hear from you more. Now I'm off to read your blog roll.

Ketan said...

You're most welcome!

Though, I feel being a non-Indian you might not enjoy a lot of blogs among the list.

I guess, you might be interested in some philosophy+psychology. That would make me recommend 'Harmanjit Singh' and 'Ifat Glassman'. You might also enjoy Dr. S' blog - Mad Medicine'.

One of the best, but somewhat obscure atheist blogs is maintained by Matt McCormick. I've never seen you comment there, so not sure if you read him.

If my memory serves me right, I had come to know of your blog through Rohit Narayan's blog - 'Mind droppings'.

Hope, you'll find these suggestions helpful. Do let me know if you have any particular preference, and I might be able to make suggestions accordingly.

uzza said...

India is deliciously different. Sometimes i can't even figure out what people are talking about, but I follow some bloggers there. i'm still working my way thru your list. :)