the Goss of a Loose

We raise poultry. Sometimes a bird gets lose and we loose valuable livestock. So yesterday I hear noise and I goose outside to see whoose making it. Somebody's left the gate open and a gose is out.

She was big as a mose, and stood in a threatening poose, so I didn't want to get too cloose. I got a rope, made a nose, and put it around her neck losely, but she hit me in the noose and knocked me into a roose bush.

I wasn't going to be the looser in this battle, so I gave her a doose of her own medicine, and sprayed her with the water hoose till she went back inside.

I'm not loosing any sleep over it though, because I don't think she'll get lose again.  I'll just learn to spell.

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uzza said...

Yay! Spoonerisms, wore the Finn! I tyke 'em loo.