Art Through One Eye

A while back I blogged about Emily Henochowicz, after IDF guards at Concentration Camp Gaza shot out her eye.

She's doing good now. She says things like

"Having one eye is really just a design problem."

"... this one is sensitive to light, and this one is sensitive to heat. Isn't that cool?"

"The cool thing about this is that paintings look more 3-D to me now,"

Would you be so upbeat?

That picture is her avatar, taken before she was shot. It's a picture of her dressed in the eyeball costume she made for her school's annual parade.  She's always been obsessed with visual science, was just starting her career as a visual artist, so naturally she loses her eye.    I'd go all bitter and grumpy and hate everybody and feel sorry for myself. You wouldn't want to be around me, no sir. But Emily, she's an inspiration.


Read her updated story and be all inspired, and go see some of her artwork on her blog, Thirsty Pixels.

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