Insert Foot (C) into Mouth (F)

For background, the Laurel County, Kentucky, School board is staffed by clueless idiots. When even more clueless idiot Terry Beckner asked
Why don't we waste all the school's funding on pointless lawsuits? We'll have the Gideons pass out Bible to all the 5th graders?
Theyasked back
You call yourself a lawyer? Are you out of your fucken mind? You've never heard of the establishment clause of the US Constitution? You're oblivious to hundreds of schools losing their asses in courts for this kind of shit?

Sure, why not do it for all grades?

It was then that Beckner, without a hint of irony, or of any clue, uttered this classic quote:

“We always have done fifth-graders”


ROFLMFAO  these guys can't do anything right.  Source, more details and snark, here at My Old Kentucky Home.

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