Ads For Nothing

A new ad campaign in Australia, taking an anti-religion stance. It's interesting but stupid. The artwork is crappy,  I guess for the Garbage Pail Kids theme, and the messages are offensive, no question about that, but that's not my beef.

They look like arguments for atheism, but they're supposed to be pushing a product. If you didn't know about them yet, can you tell what the product is? Doesn't seem much point in having people admire the shit out of your ad and not know what it's trying to sell.

If you click to embiggen the ads and look real close in the top left corner, you'll see "eshebrand.com" and if you go there you'll see something about skateboard culture and still not know what they're advertising. I guess clothes (?). So they piss off all the religious people and don't sell any clothes. Doesn't seem brilliant.

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